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Human milk is the preferred food for all human newborns.

- American Academy of Pediatrics






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Benefits of Breastfeeding
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Working without Weaning
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Articles of Interest

A Baby's Best Start provides articles of information that are important to the breastfeeding mother. Of course there is no substitute for a qualified lactation consultant, if you are struggling with breastfeeding.

Here are the articles:

Benefits of BreastfeedingThis is an article from Medela that summarized nicely the benefits of breastfeeding. It also lists considerable supporting research.
Before Baby ArrivesThis is another article from Medela covering preparation for breastfeeding, and giving some science behind how mothers produce milk.
Starting Out RightThis is an important article on getting started with breastfeeding from Dr. Jack Newman, the noted Physician from Toronto, who has been at the forefront of breastfeeding advocacy for some time. 
Working without WeaningMany mothers continue successful breastfeeding after going back to work. This article tells you how.
Breastmilk Collection/StorageHere you find out how to collect breastmilk through pumping, and where and how long you can store that breastmilk.
Is Baby Getting Enough MilkDr. Jack Newman provides another fine article that helps the mother determine if her baby is receiving enough milk from breastfeeding.
Need a Lactation Consultant?Many mother have difficulty with breastfeeding that expert advice can often resolve. Read this article to see if you need to see a lactation consultant.
Find a Lactation ConsultantThis page tells you how to find a lactation consultant.