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Human milk is the preferred food for all human newborns.

- American Academy of Pediatrics






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Kathy Ferguson

Ben was born on Sunday, October 17, 2004 at the North Austin Medical Center.  He weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 ounces and was 21 ľ inches long. 

He was a fierce eater right from the very beginning. 

I had always planned on breastfeeding my baby, but must admit I was completely unprepared to discover that it didnít come as naturally to the both of us as I had always believed that it would. It was clear that we needed some help Ė and quickly. 

Once we got together and started working with Cathy, things started improving.  It was a slowly but surely kind of improvement and it was exactly what we needed to keep us moving forward.  Cathy provided us with an invaluable amount of assistance, encouragement, and support.  All of the must haves for a new nursing mother and baby.  She continues to be there for us whenever we need her to help us through a rough patch. 

I have said on more than one occasion that if it werenít for Cathy, Ben and I would never have made it as far as we have. 

Today, Ben is a healthy, happy 9 month old who continues to nurse and is growing like a weed.  Iíve included a picture of the two of us taken in late May. 

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