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Human milk is the preferred food for all human newborns.

- American Academy of Pediatrics






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Need a Lactation Consultant?

Many people think breastfeeding should be completely natural and obvious. This may be true in some cases, but about 40% of breastfeeding moms will be more successful with expert help. That expert help comes from a Lactation Consultant. A certified lactation consultant has knowledge of the physiology and the techniques of breastfeeding. Often, a little assistance can greatly improve the prospect of success in breastfeeding.

A lactation consultant can help with many breastfeeding conditions. Here is a list:


Infant Conditions

Mother Conditions


Breast preference

Attachment difficulty

Sucking difficulties

Nipple confusion

Slow weight gain

Excessive weight loss

Low blood sugar


Oral/facial abnormality

Multiple birth

Premature birth

Neurological problems

Breast pain


Nipple problems

Low milk supply

Breast surgery


Return to work or separation

Milk ejection problems

Caesarian birth

Multiple birth


The Lactation Consultant can also help with selecting breast pump, and milk collection and storage.

If you have any of these conditions or other questions, a lactation consultant near you can help you.